The Next Generation of real-time strategy MMO is finally there on your mobile!
Join the fight now on a 3D world map & become a master in the Art of Instant War.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity...

Mobilize an army

Danger lurks all around us. Train a powerful army that will repel and if necessary remove any potential threats against your base. Be prepared, when words fail, to defend your position and resources.

Form strong alliances

War is better waged with company. Unite with friends against adversity to help and protect each other. Together you’ll stand strong, where divided may eventually fall. Lead them in battle well and you will prevail.

Eliminate any opposition

The world is yours to conquer! Gain territories and eliminate anyone that stands in your way. Opportunity awaits for those bold enough to grab it. Each piece of land holds many riches and secrets.

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