Cross Platform & Multiplayer Games

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity...

Mobilize an army

Danger lurks all around us. Train a powerful army that will repel and if necessary remove any potential threats against your base. Be prepared, when words fail, to defend your position and resources.

Form strong alliances

War is better waged with company. Unite with friends against adversity to help and protect each other. Together you’ll stand strong, where divided may eventually fall. Lead them in battle well and you will prevail.

Eliminate any opposition

The world is yours to conquer! Gain territories and eliminate anyone that stands in your way. Opportunity awaits for those bold enough to grab it. Each piece of land holds many riches and secrets.

What we do

We develop high profile games for major app-stores and innovative mobile game distribution channels in high growth countries.

Game development

Playwing is setting a high-standards mobile game development program and is looking to collaborate with the best talents.


Playwing teams up with developers, publishers and IP owners to create new distribution channels and generate value as well as revenue streams.

Who we are

Playwing is a publisher founded in 2017 focused on multiplayer, crossplatform and crossplay games.Playwing Teams are composed of creative talents working to bring ultra compelling multiplayer experiences delivered across all platforms and accessible instantly by all players.Playwing is privately owned by the founders of Ubisoft.

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Name: Playwing Ltd
Address: White Collar Factory, Unit 311, 1 Old Street Yard. EC1Y 8AF, London, United Kingdom.
CEO: Michel Guillemot
VAT Number: GB 853.4660.15